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Underwater Archaeology in Abu Dhabi

Shipwrecks and Seascapes is a class about underwater archaeology. As our campus is based in Abu Dhabi, we focus on maritime traditions in the Gulf.

This field report follows the semester-long field work on the Mina Zayed site in Abu Dhabi as well as the Bronze Age boat construction at New York University Abu Dhabi. Through our work, we hoped to learn more about dhow culture and how both the Mina Zayed shipyard and NYUAD Bronze Age boat explain it. This website is a presentation of our findings.  

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resized photo for US visa - Nouf Abdulaz

Team A

Nouf Khan

During my 19 years on earth, I've always lived next to the Arabian Gulf. I've heard about the mysteries of the sea and how supernatural creatures have lured sailors and divers to uncanny journeys. Today, as I delve more into the scientific side of the oceanic universe, I am still unable to fathom how diverse underwater creature is. Although most people go as far as mermaids to describe fascinating creatures in the sea, I choose to look at the more realistic option. For example, cephalopods have existed for 400 million years, and considering their almost alien taxonomy I am a firm believer that we have yet to find many more creatures under the sea.

I research the influence of Slave trade in the Arabian Gulf region.

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