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Each Team Member's Individual Research Papers

This semester, each member of the team created their own research papers in response to the question: What is dhow culture? We tackle this below in a variety of historical, art historical, and practical approaches.

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Dugongs in the Gulf

Dugongs are the only fully aquatic herbivorous mammal with a gentle temperament and a friendly appearance. It belongs to the order...

Social Cosmopolitanism as Dhow Culture

Dhow culture does exist, and it is defined by the social cosmopolitanism it brought with it. Social cosmopolitanism in this regard is...

Al-Ghous and Dhow Culture

This paper will examine the film Al-Ghous: Rijal wa-Bahr (Diving: Men and Sea) and engage with the question of if “dhow culture” exists....

Women and Dhow Culture

Where are the women? In reading about dhow culture, this is a difficult question to answer because of a lack of female representation in...

Dhow Culture and Heritage Constructions

Is there such a thing as dhow culture? The term ‘dhow’ is one covering a multitude of ship types present in the Indian Ocean. There is...

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